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IAOMT With OB Montessori Inc

International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology Philippines together with OB Montessori Inc. recently had their Dental Mission at Mt. Pinatubo Hidden Temple Shrine, Palan, Zambales last November 30, 2011.


The community of the said place was very thankful for having us there and providing dental treatment, this includes tooth extraction and restoration of carious tooth with the use of Glass Ionomer which is biocompatible for our health, using the Atraumatic Restoration Technique.

Behind the success of the said mission are the Faculty of OB Montessori Inc. headed by the school president Ambassador Preciosa Soliven and the Dentists of IAOMT Philippines headed by the  Founding President Dr. Lillian L. Ebuen.


International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology Philippines together with OB Montessori Center Inc.
Dental Mission at Mt. Pinatubo Hidden Temple Shrine, Palan Zambales

Founding President of IAOMT Philippines, Dr. Lillian L. Ebuen with IAOMT Philippines Dentist Members (left to right)

Dr. Reynard L. Pasaoa, Ms. Zara Villorente, Dr. An Dae Sung, Dr. Jean Pauig and Mr.Dae Sung.

The community of Palan, Zambales waiting to be called for their Medical and Dental check ups.


President of OB Montessori Center Inc., Ambassador Preciosa Soliven giving her

welcome remarks to all the guests and attendees of the said event.


IAOMT Team waiting for the patients to render services to them with full smiles.


Dr. Lillian L. Ebuen, examining one of the patients mouth whether it needs tooth extraction or filling.


Dr. Ebuen, examining the pedo-patient for glass ionomer filling, using the Atraumatic Restoration Technique


Dr. Reynard L. Pasaoa, anesthetizing one of the patients, getting ready for tooth extraction.


Dr. An Dae Sung and Dr. Jean Pauig together with the help of Philippine National Police, extracting the patient's tooth.



Dr. Lillian Ebuen posing with one of the kid from Palan Zambales


(left to right) Mr. Robin, Dr. Jean Pauig, Ms. Zara Villorente, Dr. Lillian Ebuen and her husband, Mr. Benito Ebuen.


IAOMT Team together with the faculty of OB Montessori Center Inc.





Philippine National Police, Zambales Station untirely helped us control the flow of the crowd and security.


Atraumatic Restoration Technique using Glass Ionomer as filling material.

FDA Holds Off on Decision

August 2010

This article was printed in the local media in Alberta, Canada. It was an easy article by forwarding some of the proceedings form the WHO meeting in the spring and other information. This can easily be done by all members and sent to their local media.

- Dave Warwick, DDS


FDA holds off on decision

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) met with the UN in Stockholm recently to discuss a mercury treaty.

Local Dentist Dr. Dave Warwick said initially the FDA had indicated that it would be siding in favour of continued use of amalgam mercury fillings.

The World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry in the meantime had presented the World Health Organization (WHO) with some further evidence of the potential ramifications of amalgam fillings, Warwick noted.

As a result the WHO shifted its stance on amalgam use, and instead outlined steps it felt were necessary to reduce it's use.

Warwick noted that typically Canada follows in line with the FDA.

In this case, he said, Health Canada had actually done their own study on amalgam safety, and had a number of recommendations as early as 1996 on the use of it, specifically in dentistry.

"Canada's actually ahead of the US on this," Warwick noted.

He said currently approximately 50 per cent of dentists in North America use amalgam mercury fillings.

"If it looks silver .... it's amalgam," he said.

Warwick, who uses composite fillings at his practice, said the problem with amalgam fillings is that there is mercury gas rising off the filings constantly.

He said mixed with certain factors, such as braces, people can experience a battery effect, causing even more gas to rise off the surface of the fillings.

Warwick noted that in the fall the FDA is expected to take a stance on the materials it has been reviewing.

He noted that if they decide to recommend reducing the use of amalgam fillings in certain sub-groups, including pregnant women, and individuals with braces, it could result in a strain on the dental system, as not all dentists are currently trained in using composite fillings instead of the traditional amalgam ones.

For more information on amalgam fillings visit the Canada Dental Association at

IAOMT Spring Conference 2010


There's still time to make plans to attend the 2010 Spring IAOMT conference in Galloway, NJ (just outside of Atlantic City) March 19-20. We will be at the beautiful Seaview Resort & Spa and have a fantastic line up of presentations!

Be sure to make your room reservations at the Seaview by calling 800-205-6518. Be sure to specify IAOMT to be placed on our room block and to receive our special rate of only $169. Deadline for our room block is February 15. Call today to reserve your room.

View the line up presentations on the IAOMT web site, register for the conference on line or call 863-420-6373.

We wish to see ALL of you at the meeting, especially you East Coast members!! We are in your area! If you have not had the oppurtunity to attend an IAOMT meeting, plan on this one!

We will see you in New Jersey!

This email is sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it from the IAOMT as part of your membership.

International Chapters Newsletter



Hello IAOMT International Chapter Heads and Members.

My skin is almost crawling because this is so exiting for me to tell you what is happening around the globe at our IAOMT chapters.

Philippines and South Africa have done it.

Dr’s Ebuen and Visser broke the mold, came here, went back and heroically had their First IAOMT International Chapter Meetings in their respective countries. Every IAOMT member here in USA is totally speechless how the courage of these two women stands up as an example for all of us and every dentist in the world when they showed us “When there is the Will there is the Way” and like the “Cable Guy” says “ Lets Get Her Done”. They did it.

But that was only a part of the story. The “Rest of the Story” was the fact that their fellow dentists wanted to learn the “Right Way” to do dentistry. It has now become perfectly clear that, dentists in every continent want to do what is best for their patients.

How about all rest of the IAOMT International Chapters, who is next?

It is time to stand up and be accounted for. World patient population is getting smarter. People will be looking for dentists who will put their health first. Every country has dentists working in the shadows doing the “Right Thing”. They would love to step out to the sun and say:
“Here I am, I can help you. I know the way. Follow me.”
To step up to the plate and be accounted for here is the best way to start:

1.     Come and attend the 25th year IAOMT celebration in Las Vegas Nevada September 10-12, 2009. This year line up by the conference chairman Dr. Richard Fisher is over the top and will be totally unforgettable for every person attending it. He has lined up the best of the best speakers that IAOMT has had last 25 years for this very special celebration. You will be overwhelmed but glad that you came.

2.    While in Las Vegas conference, pick the brains of the world’s top (Unbiased) scientists for additional information. It is going to be an event that we will be talking about many years from now. Your head is going to hurt from all the information you are going to learn in Las Vegas but that will make you very special because now you will know “The Rest of the Story”.

3.     Contact and talk with “Movers and Shakers” of IAOMT while in Las Vegas. They will help you in any way they can in order for you to be ready to make history in your own country.  It is time and be accounted for.

4.     I will be there from Wednesday forward. I want to meet with every International Chapter leader and member who attends this 25th year celebration. As soon as you register look me up. I will set up a special luncheon just for the International Chapter members.
I am hoping that the two celebrated women, Dr. Ilona Visser and Dr. Lillian Ebuen will join us and tell us how they did it.

5.     Any time you have a question, please email me and I will help you as much as I can and if I run out of answers I will find them from some of the “More Experienced” elder members.

6.     If you set up a seminar in your country we in IAOMT help you anyway we can. Only thing you have to do is to let us know.

7.     If you know any other dentists in any other country that may not have an IAOMT chapter in their country please let me know and I will contact them to introduce IAOMT to them.

8.     Please always think “What is the very best for my patient’s health” before anything else. It will give you that inner glow and warmness that nobody can ever take away from you no matter how much they try.

Thank you for having the encourage to do the “Right Thing”.


Pentti J. Nupponen, DMD,MAGD,CNC, FIAOMT
(Chairman of the IAOMT International Chapters)

Dear IAOMT Delegates

Dear IAOMT Delegates,

To the attendees of the first meeting of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology in the Philippines, I say welcome from your colleagues in the United States and Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand – places where dentists and their physician allies have come to realize that there is a better, safer way to practice dentistry. The new ways, as you will hear today, are fully supported by science and experience, and allow us to leave behind the outdated assumptions of previous centuries.

Dentists are people of good will who want the best for their patients, but clinging to the old ways means relying on some therapies that we now know are fundamentally toxic. Dental amalgam turns out to be toxic for the patient, the dental staff, and the environment.

I hope you will continue to study oral medicine and toxicology, and build a vibrant new chapter of IAOMT. With a committed organization, you can begin to educate your peers and the public of the Philippines about safer, twenty-first century dentistry.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen M. Koral, DMD

IAOMT President

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