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IAOMT Presents Award To IAOMT-Phils' Dr Lillian Ebuen


Las Vegas, NV (10 September 2017) - Dr. Lillian Lasaten-Ebuen, President and Executive Director of the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) - Philippines was awarded today with the Dr Stephen Koral plaque of recognition by IAOMT International. The award is also the first to be given to an international chapter of IAOMT.

"It's unexpected. I am overwhelmed."€, exclaims Dr Ebuen. "It's a great honor to be praised by an organization that I highly respect.€

The award acknowledges and appreciates Dr. Ebuen's dedication in bringing the issue of dental amalgam toxicity to the public eye. Since establishing IAOMT-Philippines in 2008, Dr. Ebuen has been putting up the good fight and has been leading the call for mercury-free dentistry in the Philippines.

Mercury is a major component in dental amalgam fillings, a tooth restoration material preferred and believed to be safe by a majority of dentists for decades. However, continuous research by organizations such as IAOMT has revealed that its mercury component is far from innate and that long-term, continuous exposure - either to inhalation or direct physical contact can have negative effects on one's health .

Having experienced the detrimental effects of chronic dental mercury exposure herself, she made it a personal campaign to research and then to educate her patients and her colleagues about dental mercury. Dismissed at first, Dr. Ebuen and IAOMT-Philippines eventually gained the support of other dentists, NGOs, and even government agencies in her campaign to the phase-out of dental mercury use.

With the signing of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, the Philippines is reviewing its laws on mercury and mercury-containing products and Dr. Ebuen and IAOMT-Philippines has actively participated in drafting policies specific to the dental sector.